DSV facility

Architectural Company: DBM Architects
Current employment: Senior Architectural Technologist at DBM Architects

Client – DSV
DBM Architects designed the DSV facility in Plumbago.

I was part of the team that worked under the Head Architects on the project.
The areas on the project that I assisted on was:

  1. Main Gate house
  2. Staff Facility
  3. Generator room
  4. Site plan

Preparation of council submission drawings for the above mentioned buildings,
Continues updating of the site plan during construction with all new revisions.
Detailed drawings for tender purposes as per the Architects’ information and instructions.

The team worked closely with the contractor on-site to ensure all queries that came up was taken care of as swiftly as we possibly could.
Site meetings were attended. Pre inspections were held, snag lists were generated and issued.

De-snagging was done based on the snag lists generated.
Quality inspections were done.
Works completion lists were also done with the contractor.

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